Tripoli Optics: With Nebim V3, We Can Manage Our Business Processes More Efficiently in Our Headquarters, Warehouse and 19 Stores

Tripoli Optics Finance Manager Walid Shalabi, shared his perspectives on Nebim V3. 

Would you please share us a brief information about Tripoli Optics. Who is Tripoli Optics and what is Tripoli Optics doing in general?

We are Tripoli Optics group and our company was established in 1994. Since then the company has countinued to porvide out standng services to our customers and we are one of the leading companies and the field of selling eye glases and sun galeses. Basicly our goal is to provide a high quality services.

How did you meet with Nebim Software Company? Why did you choose Nebim V3 ERP for Tripoli Optics. As I know that, one year go you were also in contact with other software companies. Therefore I would like to ask what is the most important point that you have decided to go/move forward with Nebim V3 ERP?

We met with Nebim actuall last year. We formed a committee to search for ERP system that matches the nature of our activity. One of our colligue was on business trip at Turkiye and he visited one of the largest companies we deal with and he found that they are already using Nebim system and he liked what he saw. Then recommended Nebim to selection committee. We made a comparison process beetween Nebim and best of world famous ERP software companies. And found that most of our requirement is ready and available with Nebim. Especially that you have already POS system for optics. We also learned that there are wellknown companies using you system which encourage us more to choose.

You are using Nebim V3 ERP at your headquarters, warehouse and stores are using Nebim V3 POS with online connectivity. When you think and sum up all the abilities and functinalities of Nebim V3 ERP and POS which business processes did you provide a more efficient operation?

Actually the use of POS from stores is very effciient. Accounting side has more than one way to record transaction. What is distinguish is the flexibility of the system and support. 

Would you please tell us about your future plans? Are you going to have new implementation projects?

I believe that there will be continuous dealings with Nebim. And for this year we will open lens factory. Therefore I think Nebim will be our first choice.

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