AC & co: With Nebim V3 ERP, We Manage All of Our Business Processes on a Single Platform

Boyner Group’s brand AC & co entered the Romanian market two years ago and currently operates four stores in Romania. Country Manager Yener Önder, shared his perspectives on Nebim V3.

Would you please tell us briefly about of your company?

“AC&co” (Altinyildiz Classics) is a brand of Boyner Group which is the biggest non-food retail operator in Turkey with more than 500 stores with a 400.000m² of sales area. AC&CO has more than 300 sales locations worldwide by itself and is targeting the city man who is in 25-50 year old group, wearing classical and casual styles, following the trends worldwide and so also in Romania.

In Europe we won the prestigious of Fashion Retailer Of the Year award last year and New Comer Of the Year award from 14th. SEE Real Estate Awards.

We entered to Romanian market two years ago and currently we operate four stores.

We also signed a sponsorship with Galatasaray, a Turkish National Football Team, this year and became their Fashion Partner Romanian first league football team, Football Club Viitorul Constanta.

How did you meet Nebim and what are your reasons for choosing Nebim V3?

We have been using Nebim V3 since long time ago within the company in Turkey. Our headquarters and all of our stores are running on Nebim V3.

Romanian market should be the same. When we did a market research for legal and financial solutions, we found that there are certain and important legal requirements to fulfill for the Romanian market. So, we started to adapt ourselves to these topics and we saw that Nebim has also a very flexible solution that meets our requirements.

That’s why we decided to continue our journey with Nebim in Romania.

Which business processes did you provide a more efficient operation with Nebim V3?

Nebim V3 is an ERP system developed as a complete solution package for retailers. 

With Nebim V3 ERP, all business processes can be managed in an integrated way on a single platform. Logistics processes can integrate with the warehouse. 

Nebim V3 ERP provided convenience regarding the management and control of stores online. There are special situations related to local currencies and the laws of local governments in the market. Nebim can develop special programs for our stores within the scope of localization abroad and integrate them to the system quickly. This creates faster localization and flawless customization.

For example; when we started the operation in Romania there was a different fiscal printing solution than what we were using now. During the time authorities obliged to use a different fiscal printing system. To adapt to this, we had to develop a new integration with the printer. We discussed this with Nebim and as a result of our coworking we solved this issue rapidly.

Now we are developing our ecommerce store in Romania and changing and translating the product cards, ecommerce price settings, stock allocations between stores with Nebim V3.

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